Make Pool Noodles into Pool Pets

Summer is here somewhere in the world, and it’s time to hit the pool! One of the best ways to enjoy the water is with your favorite pool pets and pool noodles. These fun accessories can turn a simple day at the pool into a fun adventure. Pool noodles and pool pets are a must-have for any pool day.   Our featured photo is 4 cute brothers holding an Axolotl, a beaded circle, a lizard, a sea horse, a floating mat, a shark, and a larger circle (all the left-over beads).  After swimming awhile and trying each pet or combination of pets, they each had their favorite to float and play on.  

Most pool pets are inflatable toys that come in a variety of shapes and sizes but today we are taking basic pool noodles and making them into your very own Pool Pet. Not only are they cute and fun to play with, they are a great craft for children and adults to make and enjoy.   You can even use them for decoration around your pool fence.  The Lizard is 3 feet tall.

Do you know how to make a bead pet, or bead animals out of plastic pony beads?  These are the 3-5 inch key-chain beaded animals kids hang on their back-packs.  Those are cute and fun to make too, but we’re just applying the same instructions – to larger “beads”. (instructions are at: 

It’s the exact same principle and patterns.  We are taking the pool noodles and cutting them into large “beads” using a bread knife and cutting board.  I made marks on the cutting board for the size.  Sometimes we left our “beads” fuzed into longer pieces.  We are using light rope to string them together.  The rope will stretch when it’s wet, so you may need to tighten your Pool Pets after use, but not too tight or the rope may tear through the noodle.  If this happens they are fixable with some duct tape. has some tutorials for pool pets.  You need some extra support down the middle of the larger projects like the mat or axolotl, so I found you need some “lashing” of the center rows for support.  Cotton or cotton/poly rope is the best.  I do not recommend Poly rope.  

My grandchildren were so excited to make these projects themselves.  We went to the $1.25 store together and found the necessary noodle colors and rope – 2 different items (1 rope & 3 noodles per project, average).   I supervised, but they loved to cut the noodles (sometimes not very straight, but they will work).   We used fabric shopping bags or bowls to hold our beads until we were ready to string them together.  

They laid out their pool beads on the floor, according to the small size bead pet pattern we were following.   It took 2 people to help pull the rope back and forth.  Most of these projects take 35 – 50 feet of rope.  You can also use your square knots to add more rope.  We had to burn/melt the ends of our rope as we cut it to prevent fraying.    

Whether you prefer to lounge on a pool pet or play games with pool noodles, these summer accessories and activities are sure to add some excitement to your time in the water and have fun while making them. So, grab your favorite noodle, make it into a “pet”,  and get ready for some fun in the sun!  Adult supervision at all times around water please.

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