So Nice to Meet you!!!!

So nice to meet you!!!


Bead Kids is a family-owned business founded in 2020 by Owner & #1 Bead Enthusiast DaNell Boerup.

We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah – USA and sell our products online.  Our original boards, beading needles, Bead pet kits, and graph paper are all manufactured in the USA.

Our patented 2-sided Bead Board is ideal for creating many of your beading projects, from simple to complex.  Beaded banners, jewelry, loom beading projects like hat bands or belts, names or bead pets.

Our unique and next generation of bead patterns and instructions help spark your own creativity and unlimited possibilities.

We specialize in Pony Bead, Mini Pony Bead, and Fuse Bead patterns and original craft projects.

Gather with your people and be a #beadkid with us.  All ages are welcome.

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